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Water detection for difficult to reach spaces – GROHE Sense combined with the Extension set

Welcome to GROHE Sense, the innovative water sensor! The GROHE Sense Extension bundle combines a GROHE Sense device (22505LN1) together with an extension set (22506LN0), which is a sensor cable that fits easily into difficult to reach spaces such as under a washing machine or boiler. The cable is 1.2m long and attaches to the sensor, which can be mounted on a wall so the blinking red light is easily visible. The technology packed GROHE Sense detects the first signs of unwanted water as well as measuring temperature and humidity. If it senses flood then a red light flashes on the glossy acrylic plate and a buzzer sounds so you can act immediately. And, as it is Wi-Fi connected, it sends an alert to your smartphone by push notification via app or email. It is quick to install. Just attach GROHE Sense to the extension set, mount it on the wall and place the attached remote sensor on the floor. Then download the GROHE Sense app, register, follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and in less than ten minutes you are protected. Get daily updates of the temperature and humidity measurements so you can act to reduce the risk of condensation or frost. Stylish and user-friendly, GROHE Sense is the industry-leading way to create complete confidence in your home safety. GROHE Sense: Before a drip becomes a flood!

  • Made in Germany
  • Marca CE
  • 1 x GROHE Sense sensor de agua inteligente
  • para LAN inalámbrica, por pilas
  • Advertencias automáticas en situaciones de emergencia,
    alarma de inundación y alarma de riesgo de heladas
  • Actualizaciones diarias de humedad y temperatura
  • permite recibir notificaciones y personalizar configuraciones
    a través de la aplicación GROHE Sense
  • Indicador del estado via luz LED, alarma y app
  • para colocación sobre una superficie plana no conductora
  • LAN inalámbrica 2.4 GHz, WPA / WPA2 protegido
  • 3 x Pilas AAA
  • 1 x set de extensión
  • para espacios de dificil acceso
  • para instalar GROHE Sense a la pared
  • Extensión de cable para sensor, longitud 1.2 m
  • Tacos y juego de tornillos