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Grohtherm 1000

Grohtherm 1000

100% GROHE CoolTouch®, lo último en confort

Disfruta de una ducha confortable ahora más que nunca. El termostato Grohtherm 1000 con estilo contemporáneo dispone de un nuevo cuerpo compacto GROHE CoolTouch®, mandos ergonómicos metálicos, tecnología Grohe TurboStat y funciones ecológicas para el ahorro de agua. El nuevo Grohtherm 1000 - más completo que nunca. Go For Better!

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Termostato de ducha 1/2"
Termostato de ducha con inversor de 2 vías integrado
Conjunto de ducha con Tempesta 210
Conjunto de ducha con termostato de ducha 1/2"


Termostato para baño y ducha 1/2"
Conjunto de ducha con Tempesta 210

Grohtherm 1000

Optimal comfort, safety and savings

The wing shape on the rear of the handles means they can be operated with minimal effort, making them easy to use, even with soapy hands.
Comfort is also assured with the GROHE Aquadimmer, which lets you set the water flow and allows you to switch from bath spout to hand shower using just one handle.
Enjoy your shower while saving water as the EcoButton enables you to reduce water usage by up to 50%.

Safety first with 100% GROHE CoolTouch®

Featuring 100% Grohe CoolTouch®, the solid metal housing of Grohtherm 1000 New remains cool – and safe – at all times. an insulating sleeve separates the hot water flow from the housing of the thermostat to ensure that the surface temperature will never exceed the mixed water temperature. So the chrome is never too hot to handle.
This safety measure is especially useful for children, who can’t always tell immediately when something they touch is too hot.

GROHE TurboStat® Cartridge

Choose your desired temperature and our thermo cartridge with GROHE TurboStat® technology will keep it there, independent of any fluctuations in water pressure or temperature.